Youtube marketing

YouTube is a critical marketing tool for practically any company in any industry. Importing and uploading video content has never been easier, which makes it seamless to integrate into any marketing plan. For business, online video marketing presents a unique opportunity. Used efficiently, video marketing can help to build trust and establish an organization as having authority. Moreover, it makes it easier to connect and engage customers.

This all begins with recognition of authority. YouTube the second biggest search engine online, which offers businesses a gigantic platform to gain viewers. Users aren’t satisfied by physical ads or static marketing anymore. They want interactive, aesthetic, engaging material. Uploading video content, which contains your businesses views and ideas, provides the aura of expertise and authority. By uploading videos with tips and strategies, businesses can not only get attention but also provide help and value to customers, which will build respect.

Fun facts:

    YouTube generates 6% of Google’s ad revenues.

    Globally, 40% of shoppers said that they purchased products that they had discovered on YouTube (Think with Google, 2018)

    71% of B2B marketers use video as a part of their marketing mix and 53% use YouTube as their preferred platform.

    The watch-time for shopping-related videos on YouTube in the US has grown more than 10X in the last two years.


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